Does your child’s behaviour reflect a strong sense of right & wrong? Do you feel they are have the disciplines essential for their formative high school years? Are their play-time activities promoting sound health & wellbeing? Call now. 0452 588 933
Lay a Firm Foundation Ground your children in principled behaviour, with wonder towards the positive aspects of life. Centred & happy in themselves. Guided by a sense of right & wrong - with their own moral compass. Designed for Self Mastery By design, ‘Kung-Fu Kids’ equips them with disciplines and positive influences that will help them succeed during the formative years of high school & into adulthood as they shape their own identity...resistant to the negative influences and peer pressures. Learning how to Learn The role of our instructors is to reinforce the aspirations of parents & teachers, by providing your child with new opportunities to learn how to learn. They naturally become better boys & girls to make the grade. Our Anti-Bully Strategy Kung-Fu Kids is about the use of skill & self control; and is NOT about the use of force to control or harm others. We deliberately lead students away from negative behaviour patterns. It’s the mentality of the ox we strive for; and NOT the mentality of the tiger. We teach young people how to hit but NOT how to become bullys, fighters or thugs. Students are able to physically AND mentally repel- neutralise intimidation & bullying. The ‘Wow’ Factor Wu-Chi ‘Kung-Fu Kids’ is especially helpful for boys - who are naturally slower to latch onto academic-style learning. In the Dojo environment, those who take to it will hang on the every word of the Wu-Chi Master. Making a Habit Out of Doing Well. Their love of the art, respect for the teachers & Dojo rules- protocols, & achievement gained from really applying themselves will reflect positively in their home & school life; and in their influence on their peers. Martial Art is an Agent Our instructors use martial art and its great object lessons as an agent for making the pursuit of personal excellence attractive to young, boisterous minds. Free-Willing-Receptive Students They apply THEMSELVES to the kung-fu disciplines. Being held by their own free choice creates a great learning opportunity to teach them about life principles & ethics. You mightn’t be able to lead a horse to water when it doesn’t want to drink; but you can’t keep a horse away from water when it wants to drink. Weak or Strong Can Play Kung-Fu Kids will learn elements from the ancient arts of Wu- Hsing, Hsing-I,Tan-Tui, Chi-Kung, Nei-Kung. The beauty of these ‘internal arts’ is that even quite a weak person can generate effective self-defense skills. It is an excellent exercise that promotes the health of the limbs and the internal organs. It creates thought patterns that improve learning & wellbeing. WU-CHI KIDS Sayings Don’t give me a lighter load, give me a stronger back. A fool trains to meet the enemy he may never meet. A wise man - trains to meet the enemy within.
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W u-Chi T ao W u-Chi Kids: c onscie n tiously build higher l e v els of R E SP E C T  th r ough willing obedience. W u-Chi Kids:   find their o wn L E ADE R SHIP  skills in dealing p at ie n tly with othe r s. W u-Chi Kids: r e fine their SELF-DISCIPLINE  which puts them in full c o n t r ol of the mome n t - e v en in the t oughe s t of situ a tions. W u-Chi Kids:  d e v elop a p r acti c al sense of R E SPONSIBILITY th r ough p r acticing the ancie n t “hand & f oo t ” skills of W u-Chi T ao which t eaches them t o do things rig h t; rig h t fi r s t, & rig h t al w a y s. W u-Chi Kids:  learn t o g ene r a t e true MEN T AL EXPR E SSION within a s trict c ode of mo r al e thics th a t t r ains them in the art of li f e. W u-Chi Kids:  heig h t en their APPR E CI A TION  th r ough kn o wing wh a t rig h tfully belongs t o othe r s, and als o , th r ough kn o wing h o w t o enj o y wh a t is thei r ’ s. Assuring them the true c o n t e n tme n t th a t has been enj o y ed b y ‘the ancie n t ma st e r s th r ou g out the ce n turies . ’
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Class Times: New Class Kicking Off! 3.15 - 4.00pm. 11th March at Pacific Paradise State School. 8 - 12 year old. Beginners or experts welcome. Another kids class will be available in a few months. Additional advanced training for Kung-Fu Kids who show promise & serious dedication is available. Thank you for your interest. FAQ: Testimonials:
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Learning how to Learn.
All Tai-Chi & Kung-Fu classes have been closed until further notice. Thanks for your interest.